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See what our dance families have to say about us:

Leanne, South Melbourne

"Both my son and daughter have experienced the magic of this dance school. They started off as 3yr olds in the TinyFeet classes and through the years advanced through to senior classes and ticking off all the exams through the process.

My son in particular fell in love with the art of movement and the excitement of performing and carried on to achieve VCE ballet with the school and is now in his 2nd year of his Musical Threatre degree course at Ballarat.

We’ve had so many fun and wonderful experiences simply by being a part of the SMDC family. Performing at 3-4 eistedfodds each year in troupes, solos and duos, concerts, festivals, roadshows, travelling and performing overseas in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Germany twice for the world titles were simply uniquely awesome experiences for any child/family and making many lifetime friendships in the process.

A busy teenager is a healthy teenager. His focus on fitness, health, balance, strength, masculinity self confidence, happy disposition and focused mind is paramount to him and given the distractions open to teenagers these days, I am grateful that the discipline/joy of dance has taught him to be strong and clear in his choices.

His dedication, hard work, respectfulness, humility and passion has been taught and appreciated by SMDC and with the tremendous expertise and commitment of the teachers and director, Ms Cass, my son has a clear dream for his future, thanks to the training, guidance and support of this school."


Amanda B., Caulfied/Armadale

"My daughter commenced with SMDC when she was 7 years old. I am very grateful to Miss Cass and her SMDC team for their guidance and expertise in dance tuition and for the nurturing environment they provide.

My daughter is about to turn 16 years old and is a full time student at the Australian Ballet School now. She holds her dance training at SMDC in very high regard and is extremely appreciative of the wonderful training she received there."


Simone, Port Melbourne

"Our children have been students at SMDC for 11, and 6 years respectively. As a parent, I am so grateful to have a local community dance school, with ‘old school’ values. Our children’s experience has been, and continues to be encouraging and caring, giving them enough to challenge them, without being over-burdened by too many classes each week or expectations set too high. Ms Cass and her teachers have given our children fantastic opportunities, through dedication and practice, to become participants in an international team, and we enjoy the camaraderie, companionship and friendships we have developed during this time.

In my opinion, if you are looking for a ‘family friendly’ dance school for your child, then you need look no further than SMDC."

South Melbourne & Armadale Dance Centre

TEL: 0406 488 845