South Melbourne and Armadale Dance Centre
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dancing school australiaFAQs


How do I enrol?

To enrol, simply register via our website or phone us at 0406 488 845.

Can I have a free trial lesson?

Yes of course! We offer 2 free trial lessons for new students who are considering our studio.

Is there a separate class timetable for your South Melbourne / Armadale studios?

Yes, and each offer a different range of classes. You can view the South Melbourne timetable here, and the Armadale studios timetable here.

How do I know which classes to enrol into?

If you are not sure, simply call 0406 488 845 and we will guide you.

When do I need to purchase the uniform? Is it compulsory?

Students are welcome to attend their free trial lessons in suitable clothing. Once they know they would like to continue, we do recommend that they wear the uniform within a month of starting. We offer a 2nd hand shop where parents can buy/sell at a cheaper price if desired.

How strict is SMDC?

We believe that a well organised timetable and well thought out policies and procedures in place are good for everyone. Whilst policies are well established and rules are enforced, we consider that classes are enjoyable for all. Certainly for our TinyFeet classes (2½ through to 5 years) provide an extra fun and light element appropriate to little ones.



soiree dance classOTHER QUESTIONS

What do I bring to class?

We suggest bring a water bottle to class (no glass bottles please). Mobile phones must be switched off throughout a class.

How much do classes cost?

The class fee schedule is at a reducing rate. In other words, the more classes a student participates in the cheaper the class fee becomes ie reducing scale. Click here to visit our Fees & Policies page.

What time do I need to arrive for my class/es?

We suggest arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the commencement of your dance class.

What time should I collect my child from their class?

Please ensure that you arrive 5 minutes prior to your child's class finish time, to ensure safe collection of your child.

Does your school have an annual concert?

Yes. Usually our annual concert is held around November each year. We invite and encourage all students to participate, even the 2½ year old tots. It is lots of fun for the children and fabulous memories in the making.

Are parents required to sew/make costumes?

No, not at SMDC. Costumes for concerts are either a straight out purchase every second year and a hire cost every other year. We have been able to maintain a standard cost for costumes and try our best to use them over a 2 year period.

Will my family be required to participate in fundraising activities?

No, not at SMDC. In fact there is next to no fundraising required. We know parents are very busy these days and so, to help maintain standard equipment we charge a small fundraising levy of $15 per family per term. (regardless of how many SMDC students are within the family)

Does SMDC offer the opportunity to participate in Exams?

Yes absolutely. Annual exams / assessments are held and offered to all students. We strongly encourage all students to participate as we believes it gives them goals to aim for and they feel they are working toward something of great value.


South Melbourne & Armadale Dance Centre

TEL: 0406 488 845