South Melbourne and Armadale Dance Centre
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South Melbourne and Armadale Dance Centre


Over the years we have grown with our students and understand they have many different reasons for wanting to learn ballet or how to dance.

At SMDC we love to teach:
•  The 3 year old who dances around the house.
•  The 6 year old who would like to start Ballet with friends at school.
•  The student wishing to do "Jazz or Tap" only.
•  The dedicated student wishing to make a career in Ballet, Musical Theatre or Dance.


Mission Statement

SMDC strives to provide high quality and innovative dance training. Classes are offered in a safe, organised and vibrant environment with highly skilled teachers who hold the experience and/or relevant qualifications for their fields. We believe that through involvement with SMDC, students are encouraged to develop technical precision, dance artistry, strong work ethic, leadership skills, self esteem, SMDC team spirit and strong friendships.

SMDC strives to provide extensive performance opportunities, workshops opportunities and exam opportunities to further enhance the student’s enjoyment and experience.

Join the SMDC Dance Revolution

Say goodbye to the soulless, disciplinarian dance schools and join a studio that respects and empowers students and parents. SMDC provides outstanding technique and standard in an environment that is supportive and fosters students' passion for dance.

Top 10 Reasons to Enrol at SMDC

  1. dance lessons in armadalePerfect balance between fun and disciplined classes.
  2. All styles of dance and performing arts are held under the same roof.
  3. Start as a beginner and progress to an advanced level at an age and time that suits you.
  4. Spacious, safe and professional venue.
  5. Various Streams – Recreational, Pre-professional and Entry level Competition Troupe
  6. Amazing opportunities including activities, exams, workshops and competitions
  7. Every class is taught by a responsible, experienced professional teacher, not a senior student or teenager.
  8. It's a hobby that encourages focus, commitment, friendship and work ethic.
  9. Be part of a community where you can socialise, have fun, and meet new friends.
  10. No late night concerts – it's all over by dinner time!


South Melbourne & Armadale Dance Centre

TEL: 0406 488 845